GERM FREE – L.A. Battle Rapper “SEX TAPE” Leaked


A female battle rapper out of Los Angeles is making a name for herself with not only her controversial music, but recently with a leaked SEX TAPE that has caught more attention than expected.  AND WE HAVE THE LINK!  Many found out about the tape during a KOTD Battle when mentioned it about 5 times.  She brags about the leaked tape in the battle video against BONNIE GODIVA.  “WAY TO PROMOTE YOUR MUSIC”! LOL.  History shows that many females in the entertainment industry purposely use sex tapes to gain attention, and in rare cases, get an extreme amount of fame.  But most of the time, they just back-fire on them.  You be the judge on that!

Featured video: GERM FREE vs BONNIE GODIVA

Germ Free sextape courtesy of Wizzhza. Check out his music here:

The password to view the video is ‘wizzhza’. You will be prompted to enter it when you click the following link (must be 18+ to watch):



  • u guys are gay. this tape was taken when i was 17 so have fun watching child porn faggots. This was a video of me n my x bf on our anniversary. He put it out to destroy my ass and couldnt. Faggots who run this website needed to generate views so they exploit my life to make a name for themselves.

    • We respect you Germ Free as a Hip Hop MC. Nevertheless we push material regardless the situation. Trust we are not making a name for ourselves because of you. We are a outlet for indie Hip Hop and only gaining more momentum as we promote quality Hip Hop. Even in your battle you brag about your sex tape over and over again so why not be proud of your decisions.

      • germfree

        I should press charges against this particular site and the owner of the IP address for spreading my video and due to the nature of the content. The only reason why I haven’t is because the world needs haters and needs people to be proven wrong. Let this be a lesson I will come up no matter what.thank God for my reasonable post only because it’s helping your lame ass I even get any traffic. If it weren’t for me people wouldn’t have s*** to look at online so yeah I’ll consider this a favor paid on to my haters

    • Qotf4ever

      Bitch you not hot so why the fuck they need you to get views yo shit is mad wack hoe


      17 yrs old… You’re legal and not a child… Keep bending over HOE & show the world what you’re really working with.. Fuck hip-hop.. Get on the hoe stroll full time & sell that pussy 4 real…

    • Musix Shakur

      Don’t worry about what niggas say or do to you….take as a complement becuz your above them and they just wanna bring you down

  • Lunchbox

    Her battle was ass. This is clearly what she’s better at. If she didn’t mention it so damn much I never would have known she had one.

  • P ONE

    Germ Free Is a garbage ass wanna be MC riding on the coattails of friends. . LMAO this vid is funny as shit. makin her pops proud

  • sophia

    Why won’t the video play?

  • P ONE

    germ free says whoever watches this is a homosexual because she was an underage teenage girl at the time – which makes no sense whatsoever, further, that looks like the chubby belly of an 18 year old.

  • found another one!!!

    she got a bunch more out there i think. saw one the other day on xvideos. i think it was called latina cock sucker. not sure, i’ll try to find the link and post

    • Be classy hoe

      Yes she is couch surfer, no car, no phone, no money she leaches off people… Fake ass wanna be rapper .has nothing to show for anything she’s done…

      • germfree

        I live n winnetka n an using my cell to type. Lol couch surfing b after I left my bf. U have no idea how far off u r

  • Ben

    She doesn’t deserve this. She’s one of the most beautiful souls ever

  • budwhizza4lyf/Oz-E4lyf

    re-up the link or add a new one coz the video fucks up halfway through same as downloading it

  • Catfish

    Pat stay?

  • JP

    she got mad videos out too u just google them lol

  • germfree

    U all can say what u want…. I I’m filming with major rockstars traveling the world using my current phone and yes I’ve been couch surfing because I moved out of my ex’s house. So what I’m human and if see me naked to send you go get a f****** life

  • germfree

    Btw my music w slash, schoolboy, Compton menace online too. but I bet it helps you feel more secure about how lame your life is to point out the one factor of mine yeah I’m obviously naked and yes I am obviously having sex in this video. This is my ex boyfriend that’s what people do in relationships. I did not put out this video its obviously video taken from our personal matters in life experience that is now out online for you f****** to enjoy it. how does any of this really matter? The fact that you’ll make it publicise lets me know how your life lacks luster. Proof is really is that I am a public interest


    this ho delusional cuzz

  • Tim

    Yea the video got ok that was then if u not about that not cool everyone makes mistakes no big thing. People gonna talk that’s to be expected. I’ve seen some of your stuff u have talent..I wish u the best..stay your thang Germfree..much respect.