Juveyel (Rochester, NY) – “Turn Up” ft. Mr Money & Uwie-V (prod by. Dreamstate)


Making his own mixtapes and recordings at the age of 15, Juveyel found his love of music and began telling his story while transforming into a lyrical artist. During this era when hip hop was becoming more commercial (or mainstream), making and selling classmates mixtapes for $3 bucks a pop was not only his way of showing entrepreneurial skills but also keeping what he calls “real hip hop” relevant amongst his peers. Born and raised in Rochester NY, a song by rapper Fabolous and Jinx Da Juvy inspired his name and his admiration for mogul Jay Z pushed him to pursue music. In Juveyels words, ” Jay Z symbolizes coming from nothing and making something, taking a dollar and making it a million, a true entrepreneur”.To build his own buzz in his city,he began his own grind, putting up posters, selling his own cd’s, booking himself in local gigs, and teaming up with top local rap artist which formed his affiliation with the group IGS/Trendset. Juveyels third mixtape “Purple City” is what help to create local recognition and feeling there was no room to grow in rochester, he began traveling once a month to Miami to expand his brand.

In 2009, his move to Miami became permanent. Here he began building relationships with club DJ’s, performing and establishing a name for not only himself, but with IGS. Mixtape 4, “On my way to the beach house” was based on his transition from Rochester to Miami and focus on a new musical start. His 5th mixtape “My laid beach house”,described “a place in life that was comfortable and more relax” which stimulated a creativity and stronger lyrical presence. Yes there was comfort, but the fight to become a better and bigger artist was far from over. To avoid misinterpretation and give his audience a better understanding of his transformation, he changed the name to a more self explanatory title, “Good Music”.Juveyel began working with producers such as Don Cannon, Drummer Boy, Develop,DJ Holiday, Infamous, Street Runner, Hit Boy Jahlil Beats. He has opened up shows for well known artist such as Trina, Trick Daddy and T.I. Collaborating on songs with Lil wayne, cash money, flo rida, and Brisco and has also been feature in Ozone magazine.

With Good Music reaching over 50,000 downloads, future projects include French Montana,Meek Mills and 2chains. His accomplishments to date proves his hard work is just starting to pay off and with his relentless drive and determination, the best is yet to come! Labeling himself as an “all around artist” he plans to making music for people to relate to as well as music you can dance to. While continuing to build his brand and expanding with his group IGS, true hip hop remains his focus. According to him, “My music has a message, I can touch on anything and I will always have at least one song that anyone can feel!” Look out for Good Music 2, releasing on 01.31.14!