Noah Vinson – Birthplaces

New track from Noah Vinson and a FREE DOWNLOAD. Vinson describes this record as an audible trip through New York City and the very attitude and essence of hip-hop culture. You can close your eyes, listen to it and literally see the city and its people as vividly and as profound as it is described. Vinson & Sirplus nail everything from a fantastically put together hard-hitting boom-bap beat, witty wordplay, and a very rhythmic flow and catchy chorus covering all aspects of a truly great emcee and producer.

Growing up in the Bronx he experienced what it was like to be an unrepresented individual in society. “It took me a while to really find my purpose in life but when I found it, I knew that it wasn’t about me finding music it was about how it found me” says Vinson. Known for his extensive vocabulary and unique points of view, his ability to tell a story is what draws you in the most. With numerous performances around the NYC area and words of inspiration from various mentors, Noah Vinson is hard working,determined and destined to become someone outstanding.