Rapper kC (Sweden) – Niceness (Me & my homies) HO– USEPARTY VIDEO

Rapper kC Press

Emcee, deejay and part time selector Rapper kC is that multi talented sound killa you know will get ya fiesta started. With a vide range of skills he has been performing at venues since junior high school. From the beginning he has been committed to breaking down his emcee skills in a melodic style. He is one of the founding figures behind Soundvalley crew Tour de Force and is deejaying in the feared and respected reggae soundsystem: Resolute Sound.

After a couple of EP´s and street singles the debut album, Get Together was released in 2012.

KC – Get Together

Melodic and soulful beats in courtesy of Jukebeats and Flyphonic, guest appearances from respected MC´s such as Professor P & Supersci. Get together was nominated on the Manifest awards for Best independent Hiphop album.

Get together got Got Together in 2013 whit an full remix version from various producers, Rapper kC – Got together

Now is time for the second album, “Vibes of life” to release in spring 2014. But already the first Single is dropped, “Niceness (Me & my homies) whit a spontaneous House party video shoot in good company.


Spotify :Rapper kC – Niceness (Me & my homies)

Coming Vibes of life is produced by Jukebeats & Nag Champa and featuring dope MC´s like Jamall Bufford and Swedish legend Phonetik.

Complete track list and  other guests will be released closer to the due date.