Decaf (New York) – Put Em Up (Official Music Video)

Decaf (New York) - Put Em Up (Official Music Video)
Decaf (New York) – Put Em Up (Official Music Video)

Named Decaf because of his relaxed cool cat laid-back ora. Decaf is a Hip-Hop entrepeneur. Staying true to the authentic original Hip-Hop scene with freestyles, beat making, music mixing, networking with other art forms and artists and  performing at local clubs.  With his passion and love for the art of Hip-Hop music, he continues to pursue his dreams while making them a reality.

Decaf defines Hip-Hop:

“Hip-Hop is a culture. It’s everything that pops. It is me, it’s an essence that’s present in everything I do. It comes from within, a spiritual journey so to speak”.

He emphasizes how Hip-Hop was the one thing he had a consistency of growing up. How it was always there, a value of worth when one could not afford simple luxuries or obtain means of living to survive. Food to the soul, a kindle when there was no heat. In most ways Hip-Hop has defined him.

Decaf has been recording for well over a decade. With upcoming performances, radio spots and booked performances on  local TV. He has performed in NYC as well as many Hip-hop clubs in the creative renowned Upstate New York region of Orange and Sullivan Counties.

In a recent interview he is quoted,

“Instead of Hip-Hop being a hobby it’s now my Life”.

Decaf  is known to encourage to those around him aspire. He has passion, creativity, devotion and diligent. He invites  and recommends ALL to listen and embrace the Hip-Hop culture.