Hemi Dat (Atlanta, GA) – “Attitude Adjustment” ft. Keji

Hemi Dat
Hemi Dat

I am originally from Bessemer, AL but currently reside in Atlanta, GA. I moved to Atlanta for two years because I had heard that it’s a great place to start a music career. At this point, my endeavors have been productive in pursuing a career. It’s still a continuous journey for me, but it’s one I am happy to embark upon.

At this point in my career, especially with me starting from ground zero, the hardest obstacle I am facing is maintaining a boring, mundane occupation, in order to keep bills paid, roof over my head, and financing every step of my progress. I have unfortunately signed with a small label because I was promised an opportunity to learn more about the music industry and establish myself. However, all that I’ve learned up to this point is that if you want something done right, then do it yourself.

For an artist that is in the same shoes as I (starting from the bottom) my opinions won’t be listened to, let alone respected. Why? Because at this stage we all are trying to get ourselves heard and we all have a specific plan we want to follow. I can say something simple and inspiring like “keep your head up” or “never give up on your dreams,” but we’re not ignorant and I choose not to insult anyone’s intelligence. I’m young, broke, and I have a dream to become one of the greatest entertainers alive. Follow my examples, not my words.