Tha Gentlemen (Dallas,TX) – “Bust IT Wide Open”

Tha Gentlemen (Dallas,TX) - "Bust IT Wide Open"
Tha Gentlemen (Dallas,TX) – “Bust IT Wide Open”

“We are the future!” Tha Gentlemen, Chris”C.BEE” Brewer and Bradley”Sho off” Thomas have spent most of their youth in Dallas, Texas. Their musical influences come from the likes of Tupac, who was trying to reach out and change the game; “Diddy” and “Birdman” for their business mind; and they can’t forget “Wayne” who is just a recording and music selling machine.

Tha Gentlemen bring a versatile and unique sound and have made it their work to show a different side of Dallas music. These dedicated and hungry lyrical artists are very marketable and bring a new feel to the industry. Their goal is to be platinum artists, as well as build their own brand/Empire and move a little more into other industries though our music industry success. “Our drive and stage presence and our willingness to give back and help other with their goals is our main objective.”, states C.BEE. He goes on to say, “Our look and freshness that we bring to hip hop

and the music industry period is our greatest asset as artists.”

When you ask them what is their greatest weaknesses as artists, the humble yet energetic duo states that it’s keeping up with the schedule which leads to not getting much rest. The duo admits that they are always writing or listening. “Most of our songs on the first mixtape (starving as an artist) that drops at the top of year 2013 have to do with night life and our own life. Most of what we talk about is true, if it’s not it’s a story from or about someone. Even the money talk…” When they write their music, they usually start by just hearing a beat and kind of playing with it. Their music is energetic, intelligent and it tells a story. It blends Dallas sound with quality lyrics and a touch of our own new sounding style. They strive to show it is still real hip hop, they just have found a way to integrate it with their style.

Being dedicated of being part of a foundation called Texas Mended Wings Ministries making moves in the direction of originality and longevity, Tha Gentlemen have their eyes on completing 2 successful albums and to be a successful brand all within the next five years. But don’t let Tha Gentlemen fool you! In addition to being multi-platinum artists and hopefully going down as two of the best to ever do it, their ultimate objective is to own a major record label. Tha Gentlemen are positioning themselves to do just that!