Smitty Bandz (Atlanta, GA) – Strike Out (Official Music Video)

Smitty Bandz PIC

Official visual for “Strike out” off “TDHP2: Doobs, Boobs, And Red Suede Shoes” Coming late spring!!  Atlanta Braves Turner Field, HISTORICAL, MONUMENTAL, Rare “SmittyBop” Dancing, EPIC, TRILL, #SmoothLilBuddy, #SmittyBandz, REBEL MOB, You are GREAT, Strive for your GOALS, F**K the nay sayers, #BELIEVE -Smitty Bandz

Who is Smitty Bandz? Where is he from? What does he represent? Born Michael T Wright in York Pa, Residing in Fulton County Ga, and raised with strong southern roots(Little Rock Ark) Smitty Bandz represents music that you can feel. He Strives to be himself in a era of imitators. A well rounded talent with skills such as Song Writing(with credits such as Marques Houston, and Prince of Pop B. Howard), and Producing, Smitty Bandz is sure to grasp the listeners ear from the gate. Leading a crew of hot rhymers(P.U.B. Gang/Rebel Mob), this young man is sure to be among the greatest of all time at careers end. Along with his musical endeavors, he is Co Owner of “Poor Lil Fresh Kid Brand” and continues to make strides in black ownership.

Directed-Smitty Bandz


Edited-Smitty Bandz