Im Ty (Washington, DC) -“The Bullshit Nights” (Official Music Video)


Im Ty” releases “The Bullshit Nights” His first visual of many more from his “Bullshyt Nights” Mixtape.

Tyree “Im Ty” Douglas was born May 16,1987 in Washington DC. Crime was high, rent was low and it was eat or be eaten. Through these times Ty idolized the locals who displayed an expensive taste and godly arrogance, and found himself becoming a product of his environment.

After 11 years of DC living, Ty and his mom packed up and moved to Oxon Hill, in Prince George’s County, in hopes of a better future for Tyree. However she received, “Im Ty” your typical Prince Georges County guy.

Ty’s list of musical influences include: Jay-Z, Ma$e, Kanye West, Wale and Slick Rick. He became an instant fan to their style and delivery, as he once did the locals from his past. He began to form as he once did.

In 2001, Ty’s love for music surfaced after hearing Jay-Z’s, The Blueprint Album and easily deemed it to be the best album of all time.

Breed with a slick tongue, savvy flow and confidence, Ty’s music is delivered with a pleasing tone. A real life story and a sense of humor are paralleled in his universe.

After years of partying and being Ty, Tyree had to take a closer look into his life and what he valued. In the process he concluded that what he valued most was Bullshit. From the closet full of clothes in his mom’s house, to the random women he woke up next to from the night before.

Inspired by Bullshit and a drive to succeed, he took his story to the booth, where the tales of his Bullshit Nights showered tracks and entertained those eager to relate.