J Flo (Chattanooga, TN) – “Pinot Grigio” ft. Ramaj Eroc


J Flo is a southern lyricist hailing from Chattanooga, TN, who is looking to usher in a new sound in southern hip-hop. The Chattanooga native has released two mixtapes over the last three years, and has been featured on many mixtapes (DJ Crisis Shut up and Listen series) and internet radio shows (Including a feature on Wu-Tang’s DJ Des’s radio show and blogsite). His latest release features up-and-coming Chicago rapper Ramaj Eroc.


R.E.A.L. (Recording Every Aspect of Life) ENTERTAINMENT, founded in 2010 by Tramell James & Nick Lawrence, was created with the intention of creating an entertainment company that expresses the true art form involved in the creation and publishing of all forms of entertainment.

The first move made after branding the label was to pursue the signing of a hip hop act. This was accomplished in November of 2010 when up and coming lyricist, J-Flo, announced his affiliation to R.E.A.L Entertainment. Founder Tramell James then assumed the roles of J-Flo’s manager and R.E.A.L’s A&R, and began to mentor J-Flo into a complete artist, capable of being one of the music industry’s most versatile artists.

On October 31st 2011, J-Flo released his first mix tape entitled, “One Verse One Hearse.” The project mostly consisted of cover tracks from popular Hip Hop and R&B songs during this time period, and also featured four original tracks. One of which was, “For My City,” produced by Superstar O. The popularity of the track spread all over the nation and was featured on XM Satellite Radio by DJ Dez of Wu-Tang Radio, DJ Crisis’s “Shut Up and Listen Volume 11,” along with several blog sites and radio stations.

Over the next year, founders Tramell James and Nick Lawrence decided to put the majority of the focus on the record label R.E.A.L Muzick due to the success of J-Flo. The next move for the company was becoming a member of ASCAP, followed by many major moves including joining forces with independent recording artist and producer JusCharles, the addition of producer Beno on the beat and music marketing expert and consultant Terrance Westfield, and affiliations with clothing labels Mauze and Spkez.

2013 proved to be a big year for R.E.A.L Muzick as the label looked to become more recognized around the music world. In March the label released J-Flo’s first completely original music project titled, “Accidental Dopeness.” The project was an instant success resulting in thousands of downloads and internet streams and was spearheaded by the release of the single, “Keep Up.” R.E.A.L teamed up with Attention 2 Detail to shoot a music video for the headline single and gained instant popularity in the United States, Europe, and Australia. J-Flo was also booked multiple performances including the Soundtrack Beat Battle in Nashville, TN, and a performance at the popular Apache Café in Atlanta, GA.

R.E.A.L Entertainment finished out the year by adding rapper/songwriter D.R.P to its roster, creating another affiliation with Atlas Studios, and relocating its main office from Nashville, TN to Atlanta, GA. 2014 looks to be a promising year for the company with many scheduled releases from its artist and collaborations with other big names in the industry.