Ace of Spades – “MONOPOLY” REMIX

Monopoly (Remix) - Ace of Spades (AOS)

Monopoly” REMIX is the 1st single from Ace of Spades Fall 2014 CD, “III.”

Kenneth E. Medford III (born May 31, 1986), known by the stage name Ace of Spades (aka AOS), is an American rapper born in Roosevelt, NY. Musically influenced by everything from Motown to Linkin Park, Ace brings an old school vibe with a next gen swagger. He is sometimes dark, sometimes whimsical, but always real. “All I want to do is make music. I hope people feel it.”

Away from the mic, AOS is an avid gamer, a freelance game reviewer and fledgling writer.

“Monopoly” download link: