Emeka – “Last of The Four Horsemen” (Mixtape)

“Last of The Four Horsemen” is Emeka’s second mixtape and details life for Emeka after the unexpected break up of his rap group D-Season that was formed while the four members attended The University of Notre Dame. In this project Emeka sheds light on how he feels about being the only member left and how he deals with the doubters and no believers, we also get a chance to learn more of Emeka’s past and his likes and dislikes.

The Four Horsemen were considered to be one of college footballs best backfields only losing 2 games in 3 years. At a time when there were no separate offensive and defensive teams. All players had to play both sides. Once a player left the field, he could not come back into the game. 

This is why Emeka chose the title for his second mixtape to be “Last of the Four Horsemen” because he is the last remaining member of one of the best rap groups to grace the campus of Notre Dame to date.