Stretcherous – “High Strangeness” (Album)

Stretch started his musical career at a young age playing in Hardcore bands in eastern Pennsylvania. Growing up he was exposed to various genres of music, everything from Howlin’ Wolf to Slayer to N.W.A., which ultimately helped to develop his unique sound that can be heard whether he’s playing guitar or spitting raps. He began writing rhymes in the 8th grade after a friend dubbed a copy of Wu Tang’s ‘Enter the 36 Chambers’ and Mobb Deep’s ‘The Infamous’ albums. “The desire to spit was solidified once I heard Kool G Rap on ‘Roots Of Evil.’ He is one of those cats that makes you wanna rhyme and wanna quit rhyming all at the same time”, Stretch admits. However, rapping was nothing more than a hobby, something to occupy his time in-between skateboarding and touring with his bands.

A few years later Stretch joined the Toronto based Hardcore band ‘No Warning’ and started touring the country with groups like Linkin Park, The Cro Mags, Snoop Dogg, Madball, Ghostface Killah, Hatebreed, and M.O.P, among many others. No Warning eventually signed with Warner Bros and Linkin Park’s own Machine Shop Records but soon after Stretch left the band due to personal issues. After relocating to San Francisco in his early 20’s he started touring with his own band ‘Violent Minds’. During the next few years Violent Minds toured Europe and the U.S. and released multiple records.

He was still writing lyrics and pursuing his passion for Hip Hop but after an altercation in 2012 he was arrested and charged with attempted murder and his life and dreams came to a screeching halt. While incarcerated he spent all of his time and effort writing and perfecting his skills through battles and ciphers and creating a style of his own in the process. He was released June 19th, 2014 and has been busy recording his upcoming full length. He cites Kool G Rap, Big Pun, Wu Tang, Non Phixion, RA the Rugged Man, Rakim, Jedi Mind Tricks, and Mobb Deep as some of his biggest influences.

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