Labeled Minority – “Get Up & Go”

The 90’s

Whether you were playing with your supersoakers and drinking Kool-aid that was a little too sweet or hopping on your bike to meet with your best buddies and make the best of your summer. The 90s was the era for getting up and going. This day and age far too many kids waste their small amount of time inside, playing video game consoles, computer games. Anything to avoid the outside.
Its taking us away from our human ways, from being creative through the arts.
Hip-Hop for us is a culture through which we can be ever-creative. Whether it be through Graffiti arts, Djing, Freestlying/Mceeing, poetry, dancing, skateboarding and many other outlets we can express ourselves. This is why we choose to get up and go rather than sit in a house playing video games/watching Netflix.

Get up & Go by Labeled Minority
Produced by Axel Rosa
Mixed/Master by Erick Botelho
Video & Edits by Dominic Kawei

DJ Pack :…