Quiet – “Thank You”

For anyone who’s been following me for some time have seen that I’ve been fortunate enough to travel around the world on multiple occasions. This video is about a song I wrote while I was traveling throughout Mexico this passed September 2017 hanging with locals and doing touristy activities. I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing some very beautiful things in my travels but this particular time was the most transformative; especially where I was at in my life, this opportunity couldn’t have presented itself at a more perfect time. One of my last days out there I began to write about some of the things I’d been exposed to and before I knew it had 3 full verses and a hook. As always the lyrics go much deeper than the words are saying but I did my best to paint a picture for y’all. When it came time to film a visual I knew it’d be done in the amazing city of angels, city of dreams…big bad Los Angeles. I urge everyone to make the time to travel and truly explore even if it’s just the next city over to where you reside. There’s so many people and cultures to experience and as much as we’re all the same we are all beautifully different and to me that’s what makes life so magical, even on the downside of days. Thank you to everyone who played a role in making this visual possible for me and thank you for watching. Please like, comment below and share! Written, Recorded and Mixed by Quiet Produced by Yondo Filmed and Edited by Mogel Minded Mastered, Live bass and synth by The Einztein Instagram: @iheartquiet @whoisyondo @mogelmindedproductions @theeinztein