Japhy – “Soulcycle”

bout to go on tour !!!! 1970 is still alive !!!!

addicted afflicted uplifted downshifted
a mixin of wishin ambition tonguetwisting
a vixen a bishin delicious but vicious
like Nixon w scissors decisions n missions –rippin some fissures divisions no visions
u kissin some misters u lickon their tips and — Fuck — fuck
wonder kid wondering hustling stumbling crumbling fumblin mumblin humblehim grumblin stomachin bubblin troublin coverin suffering mufflin blubberin slumberin toughenin shufflin huffin in
puffs n puffs thx
Love n lust destroy me
nuff enough replays plz
trust n bust she play me

Why u gotta do me so psycho why u gotta treat me like that tho “””” psycho
“”” oh

abusive intrusive accusing n prying
this music is truant but I’m sick of hiding
A rubix I’m clueless on my dick she riding With hubris she fluent from her lips she lying Controlling she stolen d Rosen and Toland Evoking emotions of frozen and Poland —Cobra devotion of chokin n ropin
like No bra no closure was dozin n mopin
— smokin and copin n flyin away
I’m jokin and slopin no Cryin today — hopin and prayin I make it highway I’m glowin and sayin I did it my way

can hear u laugh when I call u that n can’t be ur japh when u call me that saw the map waterfalls n shafts n bought some crap supermall n gaps brought up past stupid hoes n brats I thought we’d last, pupils told me that bought weed yea Cupid sold me that it Taught me that humans hold me back