Abyss Faith – “Talking to Duckwort”

Talking to Duckworth by Abyss Faith [ Prod. by Abyss ] –
( Why Kendrick Lamar?
When i first started to write this song it was like talking to him . )

Abyss Faith :

Mix together Big L, B.I.G and some Pac,
Eazy-E, Jay-z with the Flavour K Rap,
Dmc , Enemy, Ice-T and Whodini ,
Some Flash, Eric b, Rakim and some Jeezy
Some Nas, Outkast ,Bambaataa and Dre .
Slick Rick, Curtis Blow, Lauryn Hill to play ,
They say is fucked up the industry game ,
But with Kendrick in the game hip hop is on flame ,
I have million reason to go on and not stop ,
My own product in the block and I am not corrupt ,
No shit in my lyrics I am a believer ,
So stupid to think we can walk on the river ,
So risky so full but Hip Hop is the change ,
Headphones in my ears I’m giving a sense ,
To the world as you do on my own as a mule ,
I wanna stay pure not die as a tool ,
One shot, Eminem ,Method and Red
Dmx ,Havy D ,Arested Development ,
Mobb Deep ,Ghetto Boys, Ugk and Rhymes ,
Moss Deff ,Snoop Dogg they sure got some lines ,
Cypress Hill , Harmony and for sure the P.diddy ,
Melody on the songs bring us some 50 ,
And I am a bad motherfucker with a big game structure ,
from a big motherfucker Rumanian trucker ,
Instead to wait the train I ‘ve became the train
Take a look on my pain cuz this baby has a name.

I said I’m riding in hell riding in hell ,
But no better place to be ,
Keep riding in hell riding in hell ,
For my music and my freedom g ,
Too busy with the work nobody can see me ,
Im sick in this world but this music gonna treat me ,
We fighting for a better world ,
This is what we borning for .

I can push it to the limit with psychedelic on track ,
But I am a little poet in this music i m stuck ,
My heart and my feelings like I am against the world ,
Like Sahara in the desert and a frezy North Pole ,
Call me Mayweather with the money as goal ,
Call me J.Cole cuz I am immortal and bold ,
The stone and unborn the soldier in uniform ,
Give me the unicorn to fly over the storm ,
Try to make my dream came true by the day
I’m the one you gonna put the finger against
I’m not making a race, put your pants on ,
Cuz your ass is lay from the head to the bone .

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