Daytym – “I’m Only Free When I’m With You”

The 4th song off of Daytym’s debut album: “It’s Lonely When You’re The Only One Crazy” Available @ & ITunes – Streaming on Spotify, Pandora, Google play – – – Starring – Daytym, Mariya Svitych and Josh Gordon Director – Cody Lee Brown Director of Photography – Chris Hadland Producer – John Pesavent Production Designer – Bert Lee VFX Supervisor – Jesse Pelkey Edited by Cody Lee Brown and Chadwick Nelson Assistant Cinematographer – Keith Moechnig Movi Operator – Carsten Johnson Social Media Interface Designer – Tony Buckland Crew – Brett Bittner Grip – Alex Praschak Extras – Steve Grubb, Rachel Knoll, Alex Praschak, Cat Pesavent, Brian Koch, Wale Agboola Sound Design – Troy Hermes VFX – Jesse Pelkey, Tiffany Chang, Ryan Markley, Brian Thompson Color – Nick Hillyard