Kemo The Blaxican – “Something About Love” Ft. Godforbid

Directed by: Emmy nominated film director Miguel “M.I.G.” Martinez

Something About Love is the first single off of Kemo The Blaxican’ new, three song collaboration EP with Godforbid of That Handsome Devil, titled Ugly At Times. The single Something About Love brings together two prominent veteran hip hop artists with undeniable chemistry to deliver a deep powerful message about love. Something About Love is slated for release nationally Friday August 3, 2018 on Dead Silence Records and Ugly At Times is slated for release Friday August 17th, 2018.


Music Production: Dr. Quandary
Mixed By: Peter Novoa
Mastered By: Mark Chaleki / Little Red Book Mastering
Label: Dead Silence Records
Copyright: Kemo The Blaxican 2018