Versoul – “Chatterbox”

This one goes out to anyone and everyone who has transformed their flaws into strength and light. Growing up I was a Chatterbox, it was either good or bad. Trouble in school, being that one friend who “talked too much”, but my voice was the only thing I had, my only power. So although I grew up ashamed of it, I slowly learned how to transform it for the better, within my music.

Track 10 off, “Soulrise” album releasing 12/31/2018
Debut album ‘Soulrise’ available December 31, 2018
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Directed by Versoul
Filmed by IC Visions and Christine Delgado
Edited by Christine Delgado
Production Assistant & Motion Graphics: Bread Slice Design
Makeup by Eunice Hernandes
“Chatterbox” Produced by Kyoshy the Kid

Special thanks to Women’s Audio Mission for sponsoring the album and producer Kyoshy the Kid .